Emem Uko has gained recognition for her unique plot-twisting and suspense-filled writing style, which leaves readers wanting more.
Emem Uko, whose first name means “peace” in Annang, a dialect of Akwa Ibom, Nigeria was born the first of five children to Prof. and Mrs. Etim Uko. Emem developed a love for story books and writing at an early age and blames it on her parents’ decision to buy her books instead of candy. She soon began writing her own stories and poems and in High School, a poem of hers was published in the school paper. From then on, her enthusiasm grew and she never shied away from writing although never thinking she would one day have a book published. During her master’s program, Emem began a blog, Z and S, as a hobby. She continues to blog and covers a wide range of topics from fashion to TV series and book reviews. Façade, her first book, became a real project after she realized that she had formed a complex story in her head which needed to be penned down.
Growing up, Emem aimed to set a good example for her siblings and make her parents proud in many ways including following through with her education. In 2005, she moved to the United States to study at Principia College and Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville where she received a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Business Administration, respectively. Artistic in many ways, Emem Uko does sketches, calligraphy, makes jewelry, writes poetry and gets involved in many creative endeavors. She explains that her interest in learning all these skills were shaped by her parents’ encouragement and their admiration of various arts forms and crafts.
Emem says she is thankful to everyone who has contributed in any form to grooming her into the author she is today. Emem continues to write and hopes that any one who picks up her work would enjoy every bit of it.

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